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800k USD Scholarship for Philippines

VirgBlock is betting high on Philippines market. VirgBlock as one of the biggest Cryptocurrency Over The Counter Desk (Trading Platform) in the market is entering Philippines by offering full scholarships up to 800,000USD to universitiy students. Recommendation letter from relationship managers of any banks, agencies/partners of VirgBlock, or Philippines VIP Clients is required for the application said Edward Antonio, COO of VirgBlock this morning. He has also mentioned that Virgblock is actively hiring relationship managers, AVPs and Directors in Philippines.  17 vacancies opened (10 Relationship Managers, 5 AVPs of Relationship management, 2 Directors of Sales).

The scholarships are offering to high school students with average scoring of 70% and above and students with good socializing skill. The aim is to have the students to work with Virgblock once they have graduated. This also mean that VirgBlock secured the students a job. The maximum amount of scholarship is cap at 70,000USD per student.

Students are encouraged to apply and  further terms and condition will be sent once they are shortlisted.


To Contact Virgblock:

Job Application:

Scholarship application:

General Terms of Scholarships

  1. The scholarship is offered strictly to full- time students of Philippines
  2. Offer of scholarship will only be made when the Institution receives the actual results. (Academic Certificate), recommendation letters from relationship managers of any banks, partners/ agencies of virgblock, or VIP Clients of Virgblock.
  3. The scholarships apply to the entire years of studies.
  4. The scholarship quantum awarded is in the form of tuition fee deduction; it is not a cash award. In the event where the scholarship amount awarded is more than the tuition fee payable of the year, the recipient will be awarded up to a maximum tuition fees payable for the year only.
  5. The scholarship ONLY covers tuition fee deduction in subjects enrolled for the first time (first attempt), NOT for the ‘repeat’ subjects.
  6. VirgBlock reserves the rights to withdraw or terminate the scholarship with written notification to registered address.
  7. In the event that the recipient withdraws from the programme, is suspended or terminated by university at any point of time, before the completion of the programme, the scholarship shall be automatically terminated. However, should the recipient withdraw from the programme due to medical reasons, his/ her scholarship may be retained, subject to the absolute discretion of VirgBlock, and only after the recipient has provided adequate supporting medical documents acceptable to VirgBlock.
  8. Should such a withdrawal, termination or suspension occurs, VirgBlock reserves the right to claim for the recovery of fees due, which are calculated on a pro rata basis. This is based on the valuable benefit received by the recipient.
  9. Should the recipient accept any other scholarship (of any amount), this scholarship will be terminated automatically. VirgBlock reserves the right to claim for the recovery of fees due, which are calculated on a pro rata basis. This is based on the valuable benefit received by the recipient.
  10. The duration of the scholarship is up to the completion of study period specified by university. No extensions are allowed.
  11. In the event of a dispute on the eligibility for the scholarship, the decision made by the VirgBlock Scholarship Committee is final.
  12. VirgBlock  reserves the right to alter, add or delete any of the terms and conditions and scholarship scheme at any point of time as and when VirgBlock deems necessary.
  13. VirgBlock reserves the right to involve the scholarship recipients in interviews, advertisements, photography or other publicity related activities for the purpose of promoting the educational institution.
  14. Non-compliance to any of the terms and conditions related to the relevant scholarship would result to a breach of contract.
  15. Only shortlisted candidates will be informed by email.


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